Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds in wood are a very popular type of window decoration and sun protection. The charm of the wood can delight many people. We have extensive ranges in different colors and textures. This makes that wood can not only be used in more classic interiors. In our assortment, you will find very modern slats that will not at all be out of place in a more trendy interior. Venetian blinds in wood are composed of slats of a tropical type of wood in combination with a steal head rail. This latter is however beautifully covered with a valance that matches exactly the slats of your choice, so you don’t have any contrast in the materials used. We also offer a variant to this head rail with a mechanism that exists of wood mostly (classical venetian wooden blind).

Regarding the width of the slats, you can choose for 35mm, 50mm or 65mm blinds. Regarding the choice of color and structure, one of our dealers will be happy to assist. Because of the extensiveness of our offer, it is best to personally get to know the melodious names of our collection such as for example the passion wood.
Controlling your venetian blinds in wood electrically is no frivolous luxury, since the weight of the slats is significant. Therefore pulling up the blinds manually is both literally and figuratively speaking heavier. By choosing for an electrical venetian blind with a remote control with a scroll wheel (Somfy Modulis), you can orientate the slats exactly how you want them.

Fire retardant wood? - Diaz Sunprotection

Fire retardant wood?

This title seems like a contradiction, but as a matter of fact there exists wood that is fire retardant. This can be very convenient for specific applications. Because of the strict European law, there are a lot of places where fire retardancy is required. Thanks to our collection of fire retardant wood, which is conform the most strict standard (M1), venetian blinds in wood can be offered in these places as well.

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Ladder cord or ladder tape - Diaz Sunprotection

Ladder cord or ladder tape

As a finishing option of a wooden venetian blind, you could opt for ladder tape. This gives the blind a more sturdy look. In many cases this type of finishing is chosen in order to contrast with the slats or in order to coordinate with other interior elements. One can't argue about tastes, so up to you to decide which type of finishing you prefer.

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Electrical convenience - Diaz Sunprotection

Electrical convenience

Wooden venetian blinds are one of the heaviest types of window coverings. This explains why pulling up the blind manually is not to be underestimated. In most cases, blinds are only orientated as a daily use. Pulling up the blinds is then only done when cleaning the windows.

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An excellent insulator - Diaz Sunprotection

An excellent insulator

Besides the great aesthetic character of wooden window coverings, we can stress the functional aspect as well. Wood is after all an excellent insulator. This might be important to keep the warmth inside during winter time and to keep the heath out during summer.
Of course, we have to mention that wood is a natural product which can show some reaction as a result of warmth and humidity. These minor changes of the wood give your product a little extra cachet.

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Retro wood - Diaz Sunprotection

Retro wood

A real eye catcher in our assortment is the Retro wood. These slats had a special treatment in order to have a beautiful rustic character. This look is very popular in intimate interiors. In order to add the right accent to your interior, this collection is a must-see.
Discover the Retro wood collection at one of our dealers.

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Bamboe - Diaz Sunprotection


This type of material should not be absent in our collection. The fastest growing type of grass guarantees that your ecological foot print is kept as low as possible. Besides a durable choice, bamboo slats are very beautiful.

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