Roman Shades

Giving your interior a very high-grade touch is certainly possible with roman shades, also called American stores. Because of the beautiful textures and colors of curtain fabrics, we get in a way fashion for your window. The rods which are processed in the fabrics provide sleek lines in your interior. Because of the endless possibilities in choice of curtain fabric, there are roman shades for every interior.
A roman shade is composed of a metal head rail in which the pull up system is mounted. By means of Velcro, the fabric of your choice is attached to this profile. Operating a roman shade is possible with a chain or electrically. An electrical control of your roman shad is no frivolous luxury. Pulling up your of your blind is possible with simply pressing one button so you can efficiently and quickly reach the illumination of choice.
The assortment of curtain fabric is phenomenal. You will be surprised of how extensive the choice is when visiting one of our dealers. As a professional word of advice, we suggest to line your roman shades. In that way you protect the sometimes delicate fabrics from the sunlight so you can enjoy your product for a long time. If lining your roman shades would block the illumination too much, you could opt for our No Sun fabrics. These are lightfast, which means they are not subject to color fading because of the sunlight.

A fast and smooth operation - Diaz Sunprotection

A fast and smooth operation

The chain operation of a roman blind is almost always equipped with a reduction mechanism. This ensures a smooth operation of your roman blind without using too much power. The only downside of this, is that you need to make more rotations to pull the blind up or to lower it.

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Can you choose? - Diaz Sunprotection

Can you choose?

If we take a look into our roman shade collection, we can imagine that it is not easy to choose. Many of our fabrics can be confectioned as roman blinds, hence the huge selection.
We try to have most of our fabrics available on a width of 280 cm. This gives you the advantage that seams are hardly used for the confection of roman blinds.

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Stand out and surprise - Diaz Sunprotection

Stand out and surprise

We can feel the technology in many industries, especially in ours through the upcoming trend of print fabrics. We master this technology already for many years. Because of the high demand, we have very extensive collections. Patterns, photos, slogans,….they break the traditional character of an interior and give it a personal touch.

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Timeless class - Diaz Sunprotection

Timeless class

Many roman shades that you have seen are in one colour. Although many roman blinds are very stylish in that way, we recommend to deviate from this trend by choosing a design with a pattern. This allows you to give your interior an extra touch. A pattern can be both with a woven fabric or a print fabric. In our photo gallery, you can get an impression of the possibilities.

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Chocolate, beer, waffles and confection - Diaz Sunprotection

Chocolate, beer, waffles and confection

With this title we want to emphasize that Belgian confection has a very good reputation worldwide. We notice this, since we are very active abroad with our curtain brand Dizz Design. The appreciation for our Belgian confection opens many doors.

With a lot of care and attention, roman shades are daily made for national and international customers. You can get in touch with our collection through one of our distributor. Thanks to its international presence, our collection is characterized by a wide variety of colours and structures.
Be surprised and choose something nice!

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