Pleated Blinds

In Belgium, pleated blinds are an undervalued type of window covering. We can say that, because we see that in Germany and The Netherlands the pleated blind is the compeer of the roller blinds what considers the popularity and volume. Typically for a pleated blind is the elegance of the profile. These are very tiny en therefore perfectly for mounting in the window opening. Also for special shapes and mounting in a dome window, a pleated blind might be the most preferred solution. There are pleated blinds in many variants. The main characteristic of these fabrics are the fixed pleats. Duette is a pleated fabric with a honeycomb structure. This is a very high quality development, since it has been scientifically proven that this is the most energy saving type of window decoration.
Just like with most types of window covering you can aim for a clear view to the outside or for a blackout effect in order to have optimal privacy. Moreover in pleated blinds there are different kinds of special coatings for a perfect sun protection. Since pleated blinds are often used for sunrooms this is not a frivolous luxury.
Surprise yourself and have look at the possibilities pleated blinds can offer for your interior. When visiting one of our dealers, you will definitely be inspired.

Unknown = unloved - Diaz Sunprotection

Unknown = unloved

In Belgium, we don’t see a lot of pleated blinds. We also noticed with our dealers that this is not the first product they propose when advising customers. This is mainly because the reactions when introducing pleated blinds is usually not to enthusiastic. However at our neighbors in Germany and the Netherlands, pleated blinds are as popular as roller blinds. Since the number of pleated blinds we sell augments year after year, it is not unimaginable that this trend will be pursued partly in Belgium as well.

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Although a pleated blind is not the product you see the most in Belgium as a type of window covering, is it one of the most versatile of all types. A pleated blind can be chosen for straight windows as well as for special shaped windows or horizontal mounting. Especially in sunrooms this van be very convenient. (for example triangle shaped windows in roofs.) Moreover there are a lot of different types of fabrics for pleated blinds, so there is a configuration possible for nearly any situation.

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A circular window? - Diaz Sunprotection

A circular window?

Nearly any type of window can be covered with a pleated blind. For many special shaped windows for which other products can’t offer a solution, a pleated blind can. Of course this should be measured very precisely by a professional dealer. The several special machines that exist for the production of this type of product make it possible to make circles, half circles or triangles.

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Duette - Diaz Sunprotection


Ever since the arise of Duette, the popularity of pleated blinds has grown tremendously.Duette is a pleated blind fabric with the structure of a honeycomb. This causes a double layer which makes that the typical cords in the fabric are no longer visible.

The specific shape and structure of Duette fabric brings along some technical specifications which make pleated blinds a very profitable type of window covering. The insulation value of Duette is in no way comparable with any other type of window covering.

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Very convenient for smaller windows - Diaz Sunprotection

Very convenient for smaller windows

A pleated blind can be mounted in the window opening in a very elegant way. The small profiles don’t take a lot of place, which is very eligible for smaller windows. If you would opt for a system with tension cords, the pleated blind can be operated with an operating handle. This makes it very easy to handle smaller blinds.

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